About Us

Tenantlink exists as a matching service between landlords and tenants. We do not engage in the relationship between parties in the rental relationship but rather serve to connect the parties, allowing the parties to conclude their rental deals themselves.

Tenantlink provides searching facilities for tenants seeking rentals, as well as searching facilities for landlords seeking tenants. Searches and search results are freely available to the public. As such it is similar to free classified listing services such as www.gumtree.co.za, but offers some value-add features.

Tenantlink allows for posting (saving) of a rental advert by a landlord, as well as posting (saving) of a rental requirement advert by a potential tenant. These adverts are free* to members of the public, only requiring a simple registration on the website.

* 7 days free: Rental adverts posted by landlords, as well as rental requirement adverts posted by potential tenants, will display on the Tenantlink website listings for free for 7 days. After 7 days the advertiser will receive an email notifying them of the end of the free 7 day period. The email will contain a link to a payment page where the advertiser will have the opportunity to select a payment method and pay the R20 activation fee using the selected payment method. Payment methods include Credit Card and Electronic Funds transfer (EFT). Adverts will run for free for a further 2 days to allow time for the payment process to complete. Should the advertiser choose not to effect payment within the 9 free day period the advert will be removed from the Tenantlink listings.

Once the activation fee has been paid, an advert will display permanently on the Tenantlink listings up to the specified expiry date of the advert.

Tenantlink introduces the concept of a 'Gold-star' tenant, which means that the tenant has requested a credit-check. We make use of the services of a registered South African credit bureau to provide credit checking and will mark credit-checked tenants with a gold-star on the Tenantlink searches. There is a fee of R99 for this value-add service which covers a period of 61 days.

In addition, landlords who wish to view the contact details of a a 'Gold-star' tenant will be required to upgrade their subscription. This upgraded subscription will be available for a fee of R40, covering a period of 61 days.